Hay Day Tips and Tricks to get more than 100 Tools and Coins everyday


    Since it's all about Barn Expansion Materials (BEMs), I am going today...to share you some tricks I use to get BEMs, SEMs and LEMs, not only these but I also get Axes Saws and Mining Tools. 

   To implement this trick you need to have a second phone, or just use your little brother's phone like I do, or your mom's phone (it's the only phone at home, which everybody can touch LOL).

Make a new farm play normally until you get level 7 so you can sell and have an empty silo. 

After you reach level 7, start to crop and harvest only wheat, and sell them in base price so you always have an empty silo (you don't have to upgrade silo nor barn).

The strategy is to harvest the whole fields twice which means 4 minutes and you will get one tool (15 tools in one hour) and then you can transfer them to your main farm (I do this while watching a movie).

That's not all, you will start the new farm with 30 diamonds and with opening two mystery boxes a day, diamonds will increase to 45 as usually I have. 

Keep harvesting until you reach level 14 and have Tom in service. Hire him for 3 times, make him get you shovels only as they have the highest price and trading ratio (1:2.5 -1:3).

After Tom's service ends, unfriend your main farm from it so you don't have many low level farms, because, that will take space in the friends list. 

   Eventually, make sure that you have transferred all your Tools into your main farm, and then delete the farm by clearing the game data (settings-->apps-->Hay Day-->clear data) and make a new one.


   The personal train is another source of tools. Every townie you get by the personal train will reward you with one tool after getting served, and a good things they r being served only once in a time. 


   A good hood with different levels can help you level up faster than playing alone or with hoodies that are not united; they can help you trading your tools with other tools. High level players usually put tools on their road side shop, they might inform your if you are helpful, you as a low level player, you can help with sugar and dairies products some saws and axes that you might not need in you start.


   Pets, pets, pets, I didn`t believe it at the start, but after trying it by myself … I'm convinced now. I saved my mining bars to play trucks that will return to me with vouchers so I get pets. (I am not got with boat orders XD)


   Coins, to get coins in the game without the help of the hoodies, hire Tom and order him the product that has the highest price in your barn or just make this product and sell it or trade it, trade your Barn Tools for coins usually 1 BEM = 6.000 coins, try to get fruit bushes and keep on selling fruits not trees as trees need saws to be cut down and they have higher ratio than axes. What I personally do I try to get those super high level farmers with many farms and trade them my foods with Land Tools, they give in one coin and I sell at full price, that’s why I never have coins problem.   


Happy Farming Hoodies 👨🏻‍🌾


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