Running Away Home (Cause and Effect Essay)

Running ِAway Home

                   We see a lot of minors and kids under the legal age, who have left their parent`s home or their legal guardian`s home without permission, it became a huge social problem most countries complain of, this problem begins with stubbornness which is the first stage of Insurgency, refusing to respond to the family`s orders, evading responsibilities, as we know sometimes the children decide quick decisions and the decision of running away from home is one of them.                  
                   The primary cause of youth homelessness is the parental neglect, some families are spending short time with children, parenting is one of the main causes for teens to run away from their homes, whether it is from family violence and maltreatment, sexual abuse, parents struggle with alcohol addiction, or excessive discipline and authority, strict behavior and the continual punishments, School stress, tight instructions and long list of orders and threats, Injustice and the sense of violating the rights and dignity, oppression policy pursued by the Father, getting damnation on trivial things.
                  Lack of love and compassion the teen begs for makes them feel like they are unwanted, It may be cause the strained marital relationship and the suffocating psychological mood, or the extreme poverty and the pressure they go through, all this leads to lack the common language between parents and children, then the family be forced to use the language of violence, and on the other hand the children use the language of  insurgency which appears with father or with young brothers and sisters as a revenge, street has a main role and the impact of bad friends (peers), Television, film and soap operas and watching violence scenes,  all this can be hard for teenagers to cope with everyday stress, which leads teens searching for an escape to avoid their problems and stress. They believe is that, the best way to avoid problems is to run away, But in fact they`re are going deep in them.

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