Tips to Extend the Life of the Phone`s Battery

Tips to extend the life of the phone`s battery: -

1.      Turn on battery saving mode.
2.      Turn off notification alerts and vibration.
3.      Decrease lighting.
4.      Turn on Wi-Fi only when you need it, turn of whatever you don`t need.
5.      Turn on the automatic placebo and put it on 2 Mins.
6.      Set a black image as a background.
7.      Always, clear background applications.
8.      Download the Clean Master App (, which cleans and speeds up the phone.
9.      Stop the automatic app update, update only the apps you use most.
10.  Turn on the Flight Mode if you have another mobile phone to receive calls and text messages.
11.  Put the cell phone where Network is available. The place where there is no network, the mobile phone keeps searching for network, and that consumes the battery.
12.  Reduce the flash usage.
13.  Use Wi-Fi network only. The 3G network sucks more battery than the Wi-Fi network.
14.  Place the cell phone in a cool room (Heat ruins Battery)
15.  10. Turn off your phone completely before you sleep.
16.  Avoid charging the time of usage.
17.  Avoid full charging more than once a day. (Acid turns into water, so the battery dies).
18.  Avoid the apps that drain the battery more. (Check the battery options).

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